Menswear wasn't working for us - so in 2014, we set out to create a product and an experience that did.

Our wishlist wasn't big. We just wanted clothes that fit, felt and looked great. We didn't need to stay obsessively on trend (whatever that means). We didn't need an endless carousel of changing styles. Most of all we didn't need to buy them in an over-decorated retail palace teeming with other people and annoying shop assistants. Unfortunately, the things we didn’t like seemed to come bundled with the things we did - and we were paying extra for them.

So we decided to make our own: clothes built for fit, with realcraftsmanship.

Our Formula Step 1 - Built to Fit

Built to Fit

  • Nothing matters more than fit - so we’ve made it our obsession.
  • We’ve found a sweet spot between bespoke and 'ready to wear', so you can enjoy uncommonly good fit - without the hassle or the cost of traditional tailoring.
  • Our secret? We cut clothes in more sizes, and we finish to order - so our clothes fit you, and not the other way around.
Our Formula Step 2 - Refined by Design

Refined by Design

  • We don’t multitask - we focus. We work on just a handful of garments in endless pursuit of the definitive article.
  • We start with a clean, modern outline - then we iterate obsessively on the detail. The fabric; the lining; the fasteners, the wash.
  • Finally, we put real tech to work, cutting and sewing in the best tooled factories in Europe.
Our Formula Step 3 - Delivered to your Door

Delivered to your Door

  • If shopping is purgatory, then fitting rooms are the inner circle of hell.
  • We’re here to take the pain away. Delivery and returns are free - so you can try on in the comfort of your own home.
  • We stand behind our clothes - everything we sell comes with a bulletproof, 200 day guarantee.


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