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Limited edition

This is the April Fool that got thoroughly out of hand.

We know better than to pick sides - but we've been inundated with requests to make these Merkels. Perhaps people are just pumped for the Ryder Cup. Us too.

Note - they won't be 'scented with camembert' as originally promised - you've got to draw the line somewhere. But we're still going to send Gary Lineker a pair.


Colour: Merkels

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  • Our slimmest build, with a smaller seat and trimmer thigh.

  • A more athletic build, sitting between a slim and a straight.

  • The fit for anyone who struggles to find room for their thighs.

An April Fool that took on a life of it's own ...

We've been inundated with requests to make these. So what the hell.

Perhaps people are just excited for the Ryder Cup. Us too.

This is the most limited to limited editions. Don't hang about.

We may be able to work something out. Get in touch.

If you wish to compare sizes to our size chart you can view it here.

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