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Save yourself from FÄkenschmÏlen

Don't risk FäkenschmÏlen - the heady cocktail of disappointment, awkwardness and despair, served with every unwanted gift - by asking for "nothing" this Christmas. Tell them what you actually want (flawlessly fitting chinos, obviously). Before it’s too late.

This is a one-off promotional campaign and the recipient will not be added to any distribution list.

FÄkenschmÏlen: A Spotter's Guide

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    He wanted a new cycling top. Instead, his family clubbed together to get him a continental sausage subscription service. Phil recently went vegan. His family forgot.

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    He didn't know what to ask for. So he got an 'experience day'. Now he has to go indoor skydiving. With his father-in-law. On a week day.

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    He would have been happy with a new jumper. But he ended up with a 'Learn Korean in Just 5 Years' DVD. He hasn't owned a DVD player since 2009. No one has.