Test About Us


Our wishlist wasn’t big. We just wanted clothes that fit, felt and looked great.

We didn’t need to stay obsessively on trend (whatever that means). We didn’t need an endless carousel of changing styles.

Most of all we didn’t need to buy them in an overdecorated retail palace teeming with other people and annoying shop assistants.

Unfortunately, the things we didn’t like seemed to come bundled with the things we did - and we were paying extra for them.

So we decided to make our own: clothes built for fit, with real craftsmanship.

For more on the team, or to join us, drop us a line: hello@spoke-london.com


Fit comes first
It makes no sense to churn through styles and chase trends if you are not offering real choice in sizes - because clothes that don't fit never look good

Clothes should wear in, not out
... like all the best things. There are no shortcuts: it takes quality ingredients and proper craftsmanship to make this happen.

Always Be Testing
The fashion cycle is a 20th century relic. Instead of dropping huge collections, twice a year, we release and test new products and variations every single month.

Less is more
We're firmly in the 'do one thing well' camp - so we take on one category at a time, and we edit ruthlessly. Only products that are truly loved stay on the list.