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The Oldfashioned Method

Prefer analogue to digital? Reach for the tape measure ...

Don't measure yourself.
73% of men mess it up. Fact.

Instead, measure a good fitting pair you already own:

Lay the trousers flat, and straighten out the waistband, before measuring edge to edge

Measure from the bottom of the waistband to
the edge of the crotch seam

Lay the trousers flat, then measure across the
thigh about 2cm below the crotch

Measure 40 cm down the inside leg seam of the
trouser - then flatten the leg and measure across
the knee at that point

Lay the leg flat and measure across at the leg opening

Now compare these measurements to our measurement chart.

Measurement Chart


Stuck at square 1? We’ll send you a measuring tape free of charge.

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