Pin your colours to your crotch ......
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Article 50 Specials

Spokesmen -

This April, negotiate your own *Legsit* in our Limited Edition Article 50 shorts.

We know better than to pick sides - so we made BOTH flavours.

That’s right folks, now you can pin your colours to your crotch.


Unrepentantly Remoan with our razor sharp Merkels - scented with Camembert, and cut that little bit tighter for the full Euro experience. Gary Lineker, we’ve got you down for a multipack.


Go Hard Brexit and get your country back with our Churchills. Cut from dyed tweed and washed with builders' tea, they’re more British than a Polski Sklep!

Merkel Me Up!
Choose Churchill!
Feeling British and European? It's all good! Have one of each!
Happy Saturday.
- Team SPOKE

Because EUr worth it.

This may be your finest hour.